What's the Weather in San Francisco in June?

June weather in San Francisco



San Francisco is a lucky part of the world when it comes to weather.

It's North Californian location means that it doesn't suffer the extremes of the hotter southern cities. Nor does it have to deal with the cold and rain of the states to the north.

It doesn't get more perfect. But like any destination, it is worth doing a bit of research so that you don't get caught out.


San Francisco Weather in June

Of course not everyone considers the same temperature to be comfortable.

But San Francisco is certainly not subject to a climate given to extremes.

The temperature generally falls between a high of 67° F/19° C and drops to 53° F/12° C. Even in the late evening and early morning you can expect to be greeted by a friendly mid- 50's° F.

Rain at this time of year is almost non-existent, statistics suggest only 0.2 inches of rain for the month. Hardly worth worrying about!

Wind tends to be light but that is enough to make the temperature seem slightly lower than what it says on the thermometer. But even if the wind does blow it tends not to cause too many problems or too much discomfort.

San Francisco is known for its sea fogs which roll in off the bay and sometimes obscure coastal areas. In summer these tend to burn off by mid-morning. It is something to bear in mind if you plan to do any early sight-seeing.


What to Pack and What to Wear

The art of tackling the San Francisco climate can be summed up in one word.

That word is layers. A typical summer day in the area goes like this.

Cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon, cool again in the evening.

It is also cooler at the coast than it is in the heart of the city.

Altitude will also affect the temperature. Essentially you need to dress for a shift of 5-10 ° F if you are spending the whole day out or varying your environment.

Most days a t-shirt makes a suitable top but take a sweater or light jacket too. The latter can be worn or removed as required. It should be light enough so that you can just tie it around your waist. It's as easy as that.

Shorts are an option but regular pants or jeans are fine too as the light winds tend to provide just enough of a breeze to keep you cool. This will stop you from getting too hot even when covered up.

But check the long-range forecast; as the temperatures head into the 60's you may be glad of shorts or a skirt to help keep cool.

San Francisco is a laid-back sort of city so casual clothes are generally fine for most events, locations, bars and restaurants. It is worth noting that Levi Strauss invented the first jeans in this city so why break with tradition?


Things to Do in June

thing to do in June in San Francisco

Most locations in the city can be visited at any time of year. But June is perfect for exploring if you are going to walk or take public transport.


The Golden Gate Bridge - A walking tour of the city's most famous landmark is a must at any time of year. But June offers the best conditions. Once any lingering fog has gone a guided tour should be high on your list of things to do. Perhaps the best tour to take is with us. They certainly fit a lot into a short tour -  the perfect combination of facts and fun.


China Town - Great to explore any time of year but there is something magical about the place in the height of summer. Casually wander the streets taking in the exotic eastern vibes. This is a place where you will want to take your time to investigate and explore shops and restaurants at your leisure.


Fisherman's Wharf -  Is there anything more appealing than soaking up the sun on a harbor side? Imagine sipping a few slow drinks as you watch the world go by. Exploring the various piers, the cafes, the shops. The perfect blend of tourist haven and bustling quayside.


Golden Gate Park - Whether you walk, bike-ride or even Segway your way around, the warmth of June is the perfect time to explore this park. You will find gorgeous botanical gardens. Lily ponds and dunes. Art and architecture. Museums and even the occasional roaming bison.


Events in June

June is also the month for the three biggest festivals. Firstly, there is the Pride Parade and Festival. This is a weekend-long festival full of music, gourmet food, and more than 300 exhibitors. It is the largest LGBT gathering in the world.

Perhaps the largest street fair in the city can be found in the form of the North Beach Festival. Great food, live music and a wealth of art and craft stalls. There is plenty to keep the kids occupied as well as Italian Street Art displays and the famous 'Blessing of the Animals' ceremony on both days of the event.

The Union Street Fair also offers a wealth of cool things. Again live music on two stages, food and drinks to sample and all manner of art, photographs and unusual and rare craft items to browse and purchase.

You will find some amazing wines to taste at the Rhone Rangers event and Pinot Day.

Music lovers can catch free concerts at Stern Grove and the annual Jazz Festival runs most of the month.



chinatown san francisco

San Francisco is great to explore at any time of year.

But mid-summer is a brilliant time due to its great weather.

And if you are going to narrow it down further, then June is the month to pick. Warm and friendly. Cool and comfortable. A place where the weather matches the city itself.