San Francisco Weather in July : What to Pack& Wear

san francisco weather in july



San Francisco manages to balance the best of the weather extremes. It isn't too hot unlike much of southern California.

Neither does it suffer from the cold of the Pacific North West states found above it on the map.

Humidity isn't really much of an issue either. The fact that San Francisco manages to sit in a comfortable temperature range is just one more reason to visit the area.


2. San Francisco Weather in July


July is the height of summer in San Francisco but the temperatures are fairly stable throughout the month.

It is typically the 4th warmest month of the year.

Daytime maximum temperatures average around 20°C (68°F), whilst at night 12°C (53°F) is normal.

Rain is rarely an issue in this part of California.

Heavy downpours are a rarity but you might experience occasional light drizzle.

The monthly average rainfall for July is 0mm, so don't expect it to be too much of a problem.

What might be an issue is the famous San Francisco fog.

As the warm air over the land rises, the cooler ocean air rushes in off the Pacific and the result is foggy conditions.

The fog tends to occur in the evenings and hangs about through until morning.

The warmth of the day then burns the fog away allowing you to enjoy the sights and sea views.  

July also has the highest sunshine average at 14 hours per day. All of this makes July the perfect time to visit the city and surrounding area.


3. What to Pack and Wear

what to pack and wear

With the city's mild conditions at this time of year, packing for a trip here isn't a problem.

There are no big extremes or adverse weather conditions to cater to. 

In general, you will want to bring clothing suitable for warm, sunny days.

The evenings are cool, however, so a few long-sleeved tops should also be included.

Pack some shorts just in case but remember that you are on the coast so long pants are usually best.

Sea breezes do tend to keep the days cooler than the thermometer might suggest.

The trick to staying comfortable in San Francisco is layers.

A short-sleeved shirt with a light jacket or sweater is the way to go. That way you can remove a layer if you go inside or the temperature increases.

Similarly, you can add a layer if the breeze gets up.

If you are planning to get out on the water or explore the Golden Gate Bridge then thicker layers will be required.

Remember you are on the edge of a vast ocean here so plan accordingly.


4. Things to Do in July 


The Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate bridge

You can't visit San Francisco without visiting the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

There are many ways to explore it, from bike to boat. 

Pay a quick visit or include it in a full day's itinerary of the region.

The best way, especially if this is your first time here, is to get up close and personal.

Journey Tour's walking tour of the Bridge is perfect for this.

At just $5 this one hour tour offers the perfect first impression of the bridge.

You will visit 5 picture-perfect spots from which to appreciate its full splendor and do so in the company of a fun and knowledgable guide.



san francisco chinatown

San Francisco is also famous for its China Town district.

Most large cities have a Chinatown but this one is the oldest outside China itself and certainly the most iconic.

Journey Tour also provides the ideal opportunity to learn a bit more about this region of the city.

Let their knowledgable tour leaders guide you through this exotic neighborhood.

Expect colorful shops, historic streetlights, hanging lanterns, pagoda roofs and stone-carved dragon gates.

They will also show you the best places to eat, the shops and markets to check out and the tea houses to drink in.

Included in this fun and informative tour is a fascinating history of the district.


Fisherman's Wharf

fisherman's wharf

If you are looking for the perfect part of town to sit, relax and watch the world go by, then Fisherman's Wharf is the place to head for.

You will need to take a jacket or jumper here as this is where the city truly meets the vast Pacific Ocean.

This is the place where the past meets the present.

When the water meets the land. Where the tourist trail meets the bustling edge of a working city.

Stroll along the seafront taking in the views or go further afield on a bike or Segway.

Explore the shops or take things easy in a cafe or restaurant.

Get up close and personal with the famous sea lions. Cruise the bay or hop on a cable car.

Try fishing or even wine tasting. Fisherman's Wharf has everything.


5. Events in July 


It comes as no surprise that there is no shortage of events and activities to be found in the city in July.

The innovative Frozen Film Festival runs from 8th - 11th essential for fans of independent and underground film.

The Bay Area Playwrights Festival also offers 6 new plays at The Potrero Stage between 9th- 27th.

There is the Renegade Craft Fair at The Port Mason Centre between 11th -12th which coincides with Punk Rock in the Park at Burger Boogaloo over in Oakland. The 19th gives you a choice between a Lamb Tasting celebration with music and demonstrations at The Golden Gate Club in Presidio and The German Festival over in Mill Valley.

July will also see Shakespeare in the Park hosting outdoor events right across the city. And the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival offers dance and music throughout the year.

So, pack the right clothing, grab the sunblock, slip a map in your pocket and explore this fantastic city and the surrounding area. They say that there are two sorts of people in the world.

Those who have already fallen in love with San Francisco and those who are yet to visit. Which one are you?