Top 9 Travel Bloggers Of 2019: My List of Favorites


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Fantastic travel blogs and where to find them!

The rise of the internet has led to problems that its earliest pioneers probably didn't see coming.

If they intended it to be a system that would put a wealth of information at people's fingertips then they have been successful.

The problem is they have been too successful, and now there is so much information at hand, it is hard to know what to trust and what to pass by.

As progress in so many areas has made the world a smaller and more accessible place, travel writing on the internet abound.

But which sites are the ones you need to read and follow to keep up with the latest trends and best destinations, to help separate the real gems from the tourist traps?

Well, an excellent place to start is the 9 sites which we have short-listed below. These sites represent the cream of the crop when it comes to travel writing and were chosen from a list of hundreds.

There are a lot of great sites out there, but these are blogs and websites which go just that much more in-depth, are just more thought-provoking, give valuable insides, and are written with passion and from the heart.



Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam

Adam is a globe-trotting ex-graphic designer who has called Berlin, Tel Aviv, London, Sydney, Boston, and Dallas home over the years.

He now resides in Brooklyn and makes a living as a full-time gay-blogger. While there are articles that cover aspects of travel from an LGBTQ perspective, the vast majority of his writing accommodates travelers from all walks of life.

His posts cover everything from travel tips to top ten lists, from useful apps to location-specific guides.

But by far the coolest thing on this coolest of blogs is his "Hipster Guides To…" a city by city guide that takes in hotels, bars, coffee shops, hostels, food, nightlife, art and museums and a wealth of other choice things to do and see.

If you find the term Hipster a bit off-putting then relax, here it is used to denote anyone young and of more refined tastes, but the information found here is useful to any traveler, no matter what age.

A wealth of information at your fingertips. It's no wonder that Adam can call himself an award-winning blogger.



Peter Sommer Travels

peter sommer

If Adam's blog begs the description stylish, Peter Sommer Travels could be described as refined.

The emphasis here is on expert-led cultural tours and cruises with the emphasis being on Europe's rich history.

The man behind the company himself walked 2000 miles across Turkey, is a renowned archaeologist and an award-winning documentary maker, so it's certainly safe to say that he knows his subject.

His company does run tours to the UK and Ireland but the focus is on the classical world of the eastern Mediterranean, Italy to Turkey and everything in between.

As well as being the point of contact for those interested in purchasing their tour packages, the site is a wealth of archaeological and historical information via their blog and diary entries.

Here you will find a mix of wonderful stories arising from the excursions they have run and lots of background cultural information about the places they have visited. Part historical reference, part travelogue, and always fascinating to read.


Urban Travel Blog

urban travel blog


As the name would suggest, this site is based around a wealth of city break guides, over 75 at last look, and so if you are seeking to read about beach holidays or trekking breaks then you are out of luck.

This is very much a place for explorers of the urban jungle, its sites, nightlife, lesser-known attractions, cafes, clubs and culture.

The "Long Weekend" series are guides to short, action-packed getaways, from Amsterdam to Yerevan and which take you off the obvious tourist trail and allows you to embrace and explore the real heart of such places.

The aim is to make you feel less like a tourist and more like a local.

For even more in-depth information the site has a series of "Secret Sevens" which really get to the heart of cities all over the world exploring everything from pork themed tours in Toronto to Barcelona's poetry brothels and from local football fixtures in Rio De Janeiro to underground music nights in downtown Seville.

Elsewhere you will find additional reports on the latest travel trends, the hottest nightspots, and the coolest places.

A place where urban myths become urban facts.



A Little Adrift




Anyone who has been named Traveller of the Year by National Geographic for their work in responsible tourism has got to be some worth listening to!

Shannon's site is a wonderful read for the modern, conscious traveler, and contains some wonderful destination guides written as stories from very personal perspectives.

These stories, in turn, lead to quick tips and guides relating to the most unexpected aspects of traveling.

A guide to foraging for Mulberry berries during a Croatian bike ride or a section on The History of Chocolate in an article about visiting Panama, all make for lovely personal asides. 

But as well as for these charming stories, I would recommend this site to anyone interested in long-term travel.

Born out of her own, year-long world adventure, the site covers everything from saving for such a trip, planning the itinerary, packing, and even if such forms of travel are right for you.

As a solo female traveler herself, there are some useful articles relating to the additional considerations for such and even pieces on the loneliness of the long-distance traveler and how to stay occupied during the boring bits.

Definitely a site for the traveler rather than the tourist.


Everything - Everywhere  

gray arndt


Gary Arndt has been traveling the world for the last 12 years.

Not incessantly, obviously, he also takes time out to write about travel, produces podcasts about travel, does TV interviews about travel and of course, plans the next trip.

Since selling his house in 2007, he says that he has "probably done and seen more than I have in the rest of my life combined." Such is the power of travel.

His site is an excellent blend of travel tips, facts about countries you might be thinking about visiting, recommended sites and destinations, personal stories, and information about the art and act of traveling itself.

It also features weekly round-ups of travel news, podcasts and there is even some interesting information for those contemplating becoming travel bloggers and making a living seeing the world. (Warning: it's not good news, essentially you are 10 years too late!)



Go Backpacking




The clue is in the title of the site.

If you are looking for information relating to cruises, air travel, ski resorts and the like then this is not for you.

If however, you love pulling on your trusty walking boots, putting one foot in front of the other and checking out what is over the brow of the hill, then this will be one to bookmark immediately. 


And, of course, it is a lot more than a series of articles about places to visit, though it has plenty of that complete with inspiring photography.

Having traveled the world for the best part of twenty years, Dave set up the site to inspire others to take the plunge and similarly travel the world on foot and to this end the site is full of tips for walkers, which backpacks, equipment, cameras to buy, how to budget, overcoming obstacles ranging from fear to bed bugs to altitude sickness.

It's also a travel blog about writing a travel blog and as such makes an interesting read for anyone looking to get a walking booted foot in the door.


Adventurous Kate





Another story of how taking the plunge, quitting the safety of the nine-to-five has to lead to a life as a full-time traveler and travel blogger.

After turning the diaries and stories of her six months' stay in South-East Asia into a full-time business, Kate has now counted off visits to 7 continents and 82 countries.

As well as providing some wonderfully conversational and eminently readable travel guides to those countries, her site has some great information on traveling as a solo female, something tough enough to do even in the more developed world but which comes with so many added dangers once you get off of the tourist trail.

The site also helps you understand what actually goes into being a full-time travel writer, as she states,

"This is in no way passive income — it requires an immense amount of time, work, and networking," but if you would like to know more about how you might enter her world, then there is plenty of information available regarding income streams and the like.


Legal Nomads

legal nomads

It's the usual story.

You quit your job in law to visit Siberia. You turn the trip into around the world adventure. You set up a blog to document your travels. You evolve the site into a home for stories about travel and food.

You realize that 11 years have passed since you last worked in the law profession. As a Celiac and an avid traveler, Jodi Ettenberg spent much of her time wondering and worrying about what food she could find to eat as her adventures took her further off the beaten track.

And as she learned more about food, she realized that it is something that would also be of a lot of interest to other travelers with specific dietary requirements and so her blog evolved to accommodate this aspect of world travel.

Legal Nomads (geddit?) is a brilliant site which covers all manner of travel-related information in the form of travel resources, articles about eating her way around the world, gluten-free, some more wide-ranging pieces about the art of traveling well and some very candid stories about her own life and health.

The site also offers some cool travel-related merchandise and a short writing course on "How to Tell Better Stories in a Digital World."




Mark Wiens believes that there is no better way to connect with people than through food. After all, it is the one thing that we have in common across the world.

We all eat.

To this end, he set up this site as a place where "people who travel for food" can learn about authentic food and food culture across the world, based very much on his personal experiences.

Whereas all the other blogs we have covered in this guide are written and run by people who would very much regard themselves as travelers and explorers, Mark revels in the label of travel eater.

Quite simply he travels, he eats, he blogs, he makes videos.

His city guides are, as expected, based around food, but also offer a lot of useful information about traveling and staying in those destinations.

He gives great insights into those country's cultures and offers some great options on where to stay and what to see. But what really sets his blog apart from the competition is the obvious passion for food.

The city guides provide great overviews for the traveler with a taste for the local cuisine, but it is his blog which goes into great depth about all aspects of food.

Not just where to eat but the history of aspects of a region's cuisine and a look at how the ingredients are harvested, prepared and used from, Karachi street snacks to the best coffee houses in Rio De Janeiro.

If travel often makes you realize just how varied the world is, food makes you realize that we are all basically the same.


travel in asian

As stated in the intro, there is a wealth of great writing to be had on the internet but rather than just give information, these nine get to the heart of what travel is about.

Hopefully, they will inspire you to strike out in new directions, to leave the tourist trail and explore those paths less traveled. A wise man once said that "it is better to travel well, that to arrive," the writing above is your key to traveling in the best of style.