Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Why Go to a Fortune Cookie Factory?


When you are out and about seeing San Francisco, there are certain things you already know you want to do.


You undoubtedly should visit the Golden Gate Bridge and consider taking a tour of it like our own $5 Golden Gate Bridge Walking Tour.

You also should stop by Fisherman's Wharf and take-in all its incredible sights and sounds. A fortune cookie factory, though? Why go there?


Why The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory Is Famous


The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory was founded in 1962 and since then has become extremely popular.

It is so loved because it has delicious handmade cookies that are assembled--from scratch--right there.

It also has amazing flavors and toppings, so you never have to eat a plain cookie. Plus, you can have your own fortunes customized for a cookie order!


Besides how yummy the fortune cookies themselves are, you can take an incredible and in-depth tour of the factory and buy one-of-a-kind merchandise from the factory's shop.

That way you can show off the excellent place you visited and tell all your friends and family how fantastic it was!


Planning Your Visit


You Have Questions...

Now that you know you why you should go and visit the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, the question is, "How?"

For example, you may be wondering what the best way to get there is? You might be unsure if you need to reserve a tour of the factory in advance?

Read on for answers to those questions and any others you may have!


We Have Answers!


Question: How Do I Get to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory?


Answer: The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is located at 56 Ross Alley in the area known as Chinatown. The Powell Street cable car has a stop at the intersection of Powell Street and Jackson Street. Also, the #8, #30, and #45 buses all have stops nearby. Also, there are several parking garages should you be driving, or a ride-share service (such as Uber or Lyft) can you drop you off right by the factory--despite being a "Factory," it is relatively small!



Question: Is the tour of the factory free?


Answer: Tours are entirely free. It is, however, assumed that if you enjoy the tour (and especially if you take pictures), you will donate some change into a tip jar or possibly purchase some fortune cookies.


Question: What flavors of fortune cookies are there?


Answer: There are regular, chocolate, strawberry and green tea cookies. They can also be glazed with chocolate or strawberry sauce, dipped in sprinkles, or a, "Flat," version of the fortune cookie that exists too that is often paired with ice cream (and can come in any of the four regular flavors).


Question: Are There Souvenirs and Bulk Cookies For Sale?


Answer: Yes! You can buy all kinds of cool things at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. It makes sense to have a whole section dedicated to the top 3 things you should consider trying or buying when there.


Top 3 Things to Try or Buy


1. The first thing to consider trying is the "Flat," fortune cookie that is best enjoyed with some ice cream. It might sound extraordinary to have a fortune cookie and ice cream at the same time, but it is so delicious you'll be glad you gave it a chance!


2. You can buy fortune cookies in bulk to take home for very reasonable ($20 or less) prices and if you want to have cookies made with custom messages that option is available too in packs of 50-100--be aware if you need it done as a rush-order that does an add-on to the price.


3. T-shirts and bags are for sale at the factory and make a great purchase to commemorate how much fun you had. You can wear/carry them and when people ask, "So you went to a fortune cookie factory? What was that like?" you can then tell them just how awesome it was!



Other Fun Things to Do Nearby


Once you're done at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, there are plenty of other great attractions nearby to take-in and enjoy!


Should you be hankering for a cocktail after eating all those cookies, you are thankfully within a couple of minutes walking distance of such popular drinks establishments as Red's Place and the Buddha Lounge.

Both have a very relaxed, "Dive-bar," vibe, and are significant to kick-back and take a load off after having spent some time walking around the factory for the tour!


If you're not much of an alcohol-drinker but still are feeling thirsty, then the Red Blossom Tea Company is also only about a 2-3 minute walk away from the factory and has a wide range of delicious teas you can enjoy on-site or have some extra packed-away to take home and enjoy another time as well!


Do you desire to take another tour of an exciting part of San Francisco's history?

Well, the San Francisco Cable Car Museum is a mere five minutes away and is a fascinating place full of older and newer cable cars--something the city is, of course, famous for. Plus, admission is entirely free!


Lastly, if you want to go from eating Fortune Cookies to chowing-down on Italian grub, Little Italy is as close as a ten-minute-or-less stroll!


Check the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory Out!

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Even though the idea of touring a factory that makes fortune cookies might sound a little odd when you first hear it, anyone who goes and sees the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory always loves it.


Whether taking a tour, placing a bulk order for their own custom cookies, or trying a, "Flat," fortune cookie with some ice cream, the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is a fantastic sight--and has some great attractions around it was well that are worth stopping-by once you're full of delicious cookies!


In closing, when you take a trip to San Francisco to make sure to add the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory to your itinerary. You'll be glad you did!