What's the mission of Journey?

Journey's mission is to empower travelers to explore the world through affordable & flexible tours.


CJ - Founder and Editor


What do you do when you are looking for fun, flexible, and, more importantly, affordable tours while traveling the world, and none seem to fit the bill? You could either put up with the services available and secretly moan about the situation or you could build your own company around the service you are looking for. After all, the chances are that you are not alone in looking for those services too. Thankfully that is what our globe-trotting founder did and has never looked backā€¦unless he thinks he may have dropped his passport.

As an avid traveler, CJ is aiming to travel to and explore at least 100 countries, he is currently on 25, so still, some way to go. As the company has grown he has specialized in the building the tours and looking after the engineering side of the business, but he is still out there in the field, sometimes literally, leading tours, telling the stories of the places the company takes you to and generally making everybody's day more fun.

Olivia - Tour Operator


Since 2012 Olivia has been to 38 countries, which makes her much better more committed to travel than CJ and so it makes sense that she has the role of a tour operator. She is passionate about travel, even though we have just repeated it, and as someone who has traveled numerous tourist trails, as well as more than a few roads less traveled, she understands what the paying traveler wants from a tour operator.

It is this mindset, coupled with her sense of adventure, that makes her the perfect person to design and develop the company's travel itinerary. She is also a great singer, but that has yet to be worked into any of the tour packages.

Jennifer - Tour Operator


Having spent five years as a tour guide in Hawaii, Jennifer knows everything that there is to know about running a tour company from the ground up. Her outgoing nature is also perfect for the role, and this curiosity for what is over the next hill or around the next corner is infectious, inspiring colleagues and clients alike.

Andy - Website Developer


When most kids were climbing trees and chasing around on their bikes, Andy was learning to code. And since the age of seven, he has developed the belief that coders hold power to change, or even end, the world. The rest of the office is not sure if he is dangerous in this belief and so don't push him on the matter.

Like all nerds, his words not ours, he possesses magical powers. Though sadly, not blessed with invisibility or mind control, he does have the ability to write computer code for 48 hours straight. Due to this, it seemed only natural that he should be employed to update and maintain the company website.

Sam - Website Designer & Developer


Not all coders are nerds (sorry Andy), and our other coder, Sam, has the credentials to prove this, being an ex-member of a rock band. (Insert Bill and Ted style air-guitar break at this point.) He lived in Japan for five years where he met his wife and now is able to combine his other great loves of website design and travel via the medium of the writing on a keyboard very very quickly!